čtvrtek 29. května 2014

Na dobrou noc...

Nádherná ukolébavka na doboru noc!

Autor: Head and the Heart
Song: Josh McBride

"Josh McBride"

Came to the cold just to see you
Standing there in expectation
Woolen coat and blue eyes staring
Oh this vision does me good

In the city we don't know yet
Cross the bridges not yet burned
Where the ice won't let us further
Wind our way down through the woods

Take me to the attic ladder
In the barn with broken floors
With your boots of Spanish leather
And my hat knit out of yarn
My hat knit out of yarn

You are in the seat beside me
You are in my dreams at night
You are in grandmother's wisdom
You are in grandfather's charm

Show me young trees in the orchard
With the music on their branches
Keep them from the mouths of creatures
Who intend for them no good

Take me out past the windbreak
Speak the thing you could not utter
Wind will howl and moon will cower
At the magic of the word

Oh, oohohohoooh
Oh, ohoh,
Ohohoh, ohoh

Darling this is when I met you
For the third time, not the last
Not the last time we are learning
Who we are and what we would

You are in the seat beside me
And you are in my dreams at night
You are in grandmother's wisdom
And you are in grandfather's charm


středa 28. května 2014

Home Visit: Denmark

Krásný...stylový a ispirativní je byt návrhářky, která míchá starožitnosti s moderním, staré a nové...








pondělí 19. května 2014

Recept: Bramborový salát s koriandrovým pestem

Nově, jinak, s trochou Asie a ještě praktickou informací jak ochránit Vaše rajčátka!




Monday mix...

Monday: working...week...starting...fresh...






pátek 9. května 2014